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Sound Reading Online

Sound Reading Online offers a yearly subscription access to two Suites of Sound Reading’s Intervention Products; four (4) programs) for General English Students and three (3) for English Language and Multilingual Learners.

Upon purchase your child will be placed into Sound Reading’s Auto-Placement Assessment, this will automatically enroll your student in the program best fit for their needs.

Each Additional Student Only Costs $50!

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Sound Reading Solutions Online is a download-free, reading intervention program designed for students who face complex reading challenges. If your student has fallen behind their classmates, struggled to develop strong reading skills, and/or have been unable to stay with curriculum; then this program will deliver measurable results!

What is Included with Sound Reading Online

  • A 1-year subscription access to Sound Reading Online
  • Access to two Suites of programs:
    • The Foundation Suite, for General English students, includes four (4) programs!
    • The Accelerator Suite, for Multilingual Learners, includes three (3) programs!
  • Access to over 20 unique activity types, with adaptive learning to increase complexity and challenge your student
  • Parent Resources and Reports that include a weekly progress report and your student’s usage report
  • Access to online versions of Sound Reading’s Readers, companion pieces that reinforce your child’s learning
  • 24/7 email support and 9-5, 5-days-a-week phone support

What to Expect with Sound Reading

Upon purchase of the program, your child will be given an Auto-Placement Assessment which enrolls them in the program that best fits their needs. The Foundation Suite offers four (4) different programs students can be enrolled in. Students in the Accelerator Suite are always begin the program in Accel-1, once they complete the Accelerator Suite they may work through the Foundation Suite!

Sound Reading Online’s Parent Portal makes sure that you know exactly what skills pose complex challenges for your child. Our support team will make sure you and your student are able to make the most of this program.

4 Programs of Sound Reading’s Foundation Suite

Hop, Skip, and Jump is geared towards emerging readers who read at a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten level. The program consists of over 30 auditory based online software activities.

Launch Pad is a program designed for older students who read at an emerging reader level (Hop, Skip, and Jump). The activities are similar, but the graphics are age appropriate to help boost confidence in your child’s reading ability.

Boost is appropriate for students in grades 1-3 who are reading below their grade level. The program consists of fun, interactive, and comprehensive auditory based online activities based around teaching the nine (9) critical skills to reading. These include fluency activities, foundational activities, and short reading passages.

Remedy is geared towards individuals in the 4th grade and above but who are reading below their grade level. The program consists of comprehensive auditory research-based online software activities, fluency activities, and short reading passages.

3 Programs of Sound Reading’s Accelerator Suite

Accel-1 is the initial program in the Accelerator Suite. All students begin with this program. Accel-1 focuses on developing a basic understanding of phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination within the English Language. Students are exposed to english words at varying word length as a focus, along with sound counting.

Accel-2 acts as a bridge to expand on concepts developed in Accel-1.  Increases intensity of foundation skills. Develops a final emphasis on Word Length and Sound Counting while approaching new concepts such as Mouth Moving Vowel Sounds.

Accel-3 is the final stepping stone for Accelerator students.  The intensity of skills found in Accel-1 and Accel-2 are increased to reinforce these skills further and prepare the student for Sound Reading’s Foundation Suite. 


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