Help Individuals with Complex Learning Challenges and IEP Learners Reach Their Literacy Goals

For IEP Learners and Multilingual Learners, Equitable Literacy is Possible

Challenged readers and individuals with dyslexia universally suffer from weak phonemic awareness and auditory processing skills. Sound Reading’s brain training activities activate essential auditory skills needed to help students master a variety of reading abilities, including auditory discrimination, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency and reading comprehension.

Readers respond quickly to our reading therapy because Sound Reading programs targets the minor neurological glitches and retrains the brain to properly process the correct sounds. Natural readers have strong auditory processing skills, exceptional phonemic awareness and the ability to hear all the discrete sounds and differences in spoken words. They are able to clearly hear and process all the sounds in consonant blends, the difference between a long and short vowel sounds, and discriminate between subtle differences in sounds. Readers facing persistent reading challenges often haven’t developed these skills.

The good news is … Sound Reading programs were specifically designed to help individuals develop auditory processing and phonemic awareness skills with ease, to the point where they are automatic and require minimal conscious effort. Our belief is that everyone has the ability to become a natural reader, it just requires a 2-3 months of dedication to our program and we guarantee you will see a significant growth in reading skills.

Sound Reading Fits Perfectly into a Individualized Education Plan

Because Sound Reading’s instruction is based in individual work, it is an entirely flexible program that can be implemented not only in the classroom, but also at home! Another benefit of having students work develop self-motivated learning connections is that Sound Reading can compliment Individualized Education Plans [IEP].

By having Students work independently for a set amount of time, levels, or just until they get tired, Teachers can deliver literacy intervention through an engaging activities. Sound Reading’s commitment to having the online program be a positive learning environment allows it to empower these students and deliver education that works with them.

Parent/Family Engagement Kit

Sound Reading’s Parent/Family Tutorial Literacy Kit is a 1-on-1 reading program meant to be completed with a teacher, parent, or trusted adult. Students partner with this adult to complete activities and reading passages in the Literacy Kit. The two activities were built off of two capstone activities in Sound Reading’s instructional scope. These phoneme and letter manipulation activities are two of the most impactful skills students develop. Students also work to complete reading passages and reading activities with the included Boost Reader Set.

This Parent/Family Engagement Kit is designed to follow a prepared 15-week syllabus. The Teacher or Parent are trained via an online training portal, which takes 40-minutes. This Literacy Kit fits perfectly with IEP Learners, as it provides a stable intervention program to deliver literacy skills, while promoting positive learning relationships. This engagement spurs student’s to develop deeper learning connections.

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