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About Us

Our Mission:

Sound Reading believes that reading success is an attainable goal for every child. We reach this goal through differentiated instruction, and stand firm in our personal commitment to students, parents, and teachers. We will act with integrity and honesty as we continue to build trust in a community of readers.

Our Story:

Sound Reading Solutions was started in 2003 with a singular goal in mind, to find a solution to student’s severe reading challenges and work with students’ families to build their reading success and confidence. Our team has all had experiences with reading difficulties, be it our family members, children, or even experiencing it first-hand. We know how difficult it feels as a young reader to struggle behind their classmates. Often times these students are so far below grade level that they continue to fall behind even with extra in-school help. Sound Reading has realized that students need a fast-acting solution for serious reading difficulties.

If serious reading challenges are the problem, then we wanted Sound Reading to be the medicine. After years of development and testing from Cornell University researchers, Sound Reading Solutions launched Sound Reading Online. Sound Reading’s online software became a fast-acting, remedial program for struggling readers. Our goal is to elevate students quickly through our online program so they can catch up to their peers. We began testing Sound Reading in schools across North America, and the success was immediate. Many students improved 2-3 reading levels in only 2-3 months, which blew traditional teaching methods out of the water. The greatest improvements are often found in those students who were furthest behind their peers.

Sound Reading Online is not a casual reading program, Sound Reading is more effective for readers that experience serious difficulties. Sound Reading’s online program has been tried and tested in schools across the country and has partnered with the largest Volunteer Literacy Program in the country. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Sound Reading Solutions is committed to continuing to provide struggling readers the support they need. We will work with you and your student to ensure Sound Reading can be the right fit for the both of you.

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