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    Empowering Intervention for Students Requiring Complex Reading Solutions, Appropriate in Any Form of Instruction

    Sound Reading provides an equitable, web-based intervention literacy program for students. By targeting your student’s innate auditory processing skills, Sound Reading delivers lasting and impactful literacy skills.

    Bring Sound Reading into your student’s life and see how it…

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    What is Sound Reading

    Sound Reading Online is an intervention reading software program for students or adults requiring improvement and intervention. Sound Reading’s methodology utilizes the natural way of hearing and processing words. Engaging and adaptive instruction allows your student to develop and reinforce skills in a learning-positive environment.

    Whether you’re a parent or an educator, you’ll be able to monitor your student’s progress throughout the program and watch them blossom into a successful reader. Routine assessments paint a clear picture on how your student is doing. Students typically experience a 2-3 reading level jump in only 2-3 months.

    Programs and Literacy Kits

    Get Your Student Back to Grade Level

    Sound Reading’s online research-based methodology ensures strong learning connections are developed. Watch your student unlock their reading potential!

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    Then Get Hands-On in Your Student’s Learning

    The Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit is an engagement focused activity and game kit.  Available for Schools and Parents alike, this kit delivers key reinforcement of essential skills.

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    Sound Reading’s Philosophy

    Sound Reading Solutions understands how debilitating untreated reading difficulties can be. Students who experience these challenges face feelings of shame and embarrassment in the classroom. These feelings can have debilitating effects on a student’s confidence. Sound Reading recognizes that literacy is a gift, and becoming literate is a complex solution for some emerging students and grown adults. We at Sound Reading make it our mission to elevate students’ reading development to that with their peers through effective and empowering methodology. We deliver equitable reading intervention to students who require complex solutions, IEP Learners, and Multilingual Learners.