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with Auditory Processing Instruction

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Sound Reading Solutions is an online, reading intervention program delivering effective Auditory Processing and Phonemic Awareness instruction. This program is most effective for emergent and pre-emergent readers facing persistent reading challenges with general reading programs or phonics.

Students work individually through the program, completing exercises that get progressively more difficult. By supporting student through intensive, positive learning, they achieve results rapidly and see measurable results in 4-6 weeks of use!

I’m an Educator

I have students who are behind their peers and struggle to respond to general phonics reading instruction.
I can’t be everywhere at once. Students need to work independently, while I address the needs of specific students.

Intensive Intervention through Empowering Instruction

Sound Reading’s mechanism of action is developing Auditory Processing and Phonemic Awareness skills. Auditory Disorders are a key cause of many reading challenges students face. Until they are addressed, students will continue to struggle to respond to traditional phonics instruction.

By completing 20-30 minute sessions 5-times a week, your student will strengthen the innate skills that are required to navigate the English Language. Once your student develops these processes, they are ready for general reading programs.

Why Sound Reading Works to Address Students’ Most Complex Reading Challenges

Sound Reading is an intensive reading intervention program for students facing persistent challenges at the emergent and pre-emergent reading level. Literacy is a set of complex skills that many readers take for granted. Students whose unique reading challenges puts them behind their peers are empowered by Sound Reading’s user-driven pace!

Here are some of the steps Sound Reading takes to ensure students meet their literacy goals!

Results begin fast, quickly stops a student from falling behind further!

Errorless Learning keeps learning fun and engaging!

Includes Companion Readers to reinforce learning!

Uses Auditory Processing to fully develop essential skills!

Delivers students a 2-3 Fountas and Pinnell Reading Level increase!

Educators get seven, data-driven reports to support their instruction!

Teachers Stand by Sound Reading

Newfield Elementary School

“Sound Reading materials have helped my students become more fluent and flexible readers”
Barbara Peck
3rd Grade, Special Education Teacher

Gaithersburg High School

“The Sound Reading Program is truly a highly effective program that produces real results in a short span of time. I am astounded by the growth of my Special Education high school students. Every school system should use this program.”
Don Dillingham
Special Education Teacher

Carter G Woodson Middle School

“Students are engaged and feel a sense of accomplishment using the program. They look forward to their time with Sound Reading
6th Grade Teacher

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