Equitable Literacy Intervention
for Multilingual Learners of All Ages

Sound Reading recognizes the unique challenges that come with learning the English as a non-native speaker. In order to deliver empowering intervention, Sound Reading has developed an ELL Accelerator Suite. This Suite adds three (3) additional programs to Sound Reading’s Program Scope.

ELL Students receive three (3) additional
ELL-Focused programs AND four (4) General
English programs

Literacy Without the Memorization

Students struggling to memorize the many rules of the English language have a new road to literacy. Sound Reading uses engaging, intuitive reading activities to rapidly increase students’ reading ability.

Sound Reading Online is an all-in-one intervention solution for emergent and pre-emergent readers who:

  • Do not respond to traditional phonics programs
  • Need fast-acting intervention
  • Face persistent reading challenges
  • Are tired of memorizing rules to learn english

Sound Reading is Proud to Serve Schools in the States of
Jalisco, Puebla, and Quintana Roo!

Sound Reading is proud to serve schools in Mexico by delivering English Language Learning instruction via Sound Reading’s ELL Accelerator Suite. This suite aims to develop essential english foundational skills, surrounding Phonemic Awareness and Auditory Processing. These skills introduce these students to the foundations and phonemes of the English Language.

Multilingual Students Gain
Three Additional Programs to Work Through

The Accelerator Suite introduces three (3) additional programs to Sound Reading, specific to the needs of English Language Learners. These programs develop skills required for learning English and the Foundations Suite.

Students who complete the Accelerator Suite may progress into the Foundations Suite

All students begin the Accelerator Suite in Accel-1. Accel-1 focuses on developing a basic understanding of phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination within the English Language. This program is easy to follow along and uses auditory and visual cues. 

Accel-2 acts as a bridge to expand on concepts developed in Accel-1. Increases intensity of foundation skills. Develops a final emphasis on Word Length and Sound Counting while approaching new concepts such as Mouth Moving Vowel Sounds. 

Accel-3 increases the intensity of practiced skills in order to empower and prepare the student for the Foundation Suite. Final foundational skills are introduced at a basic level. Once students complete Accel-3, they may retake the Assessment to be placed in the Foundation Suite. 

Engaging Instruction, Empowering Results

Sound Reading’s activities are grounded in audio cues. Students work to complete online activities, then reinforce their learning with included Companion Readers. Sound Reading comes with 39 types of activities that use progressive intensity to consistently challenge your child.

Sound Reading treats reading disorders through rapid intervention, using innate skills that all students have. This program effectively compliments school instruction and is perfect for students falling behind their peers!

Companion Readers

Sound Reading comes included with electronic Companion Readers for every program in Sound Reading. The reading activities included in these books are critical in developing comprehensive literacy skills. The practice that students get in the online program needs to be reinforced with practical application.

Students will work to complete these additional activities and reading passages with their teacher once they complete a level of Sound Reading. This additional reading practice aims to call upon the skills and knowledge students acquire in the Online program.

Reporting Features

Within the Parent Portal, Sound Reading delivers three (3) reports to monitor their students progress. Weekly Report Cards are sent to you every week. Gain information on the specific skills that your child is working to improve The reports Parents have access to are listed below:

  • Usage Report: Detailing the student’s time on the program over the course of the week and provides clear indications on what skills their time went into.
  • Assessment Results: A part of the Weekly Report Cards these report tracks and gives a percentile ranking for your child based on their scores within the 3-minute reading assessments within the program.
  • Strength Report: This impactful report delivers clear indications to which of the nine (9) key reading skills your child successful at, and those that they need more practice at.

How Often Should My Child Use Sound Reading?

Students should use Sound Reading for 20-30 minutes at least five (5) times a week. Repetition and progressive intensity are key points of the program. As your child progresses, they will be exposed to increasingly difficult exercises. This strengthens your student’s skills and builds a robust foundation for literacy.

Log into your Parent Portal

Log into your Sound Reading account. You’ll be asked to create a Profile for your child.

Your child will begin the program in Accel-1. Once they complete the Accel-1 program, they will continue onto Accel-2, and Accel-3. Once the Accelerator Suite has been completed, your child may begin the Foundations Suite.

Assign a Daily Goal for Your Child

Assign students to independently work for 20 minutes, until they complete a level, or until they get fatigued.

Individual Work Time

Now students should work individually. This program is supposed to be fun! Keep an eye on them as they complete their goal.

Reinforce with Readers

Once your child completes a level, you’ll work 1-on-1 to work through an activity chapter out of an included ELL Companion Reader

Complete Levels, Gain Certificates!

Students complete activities to unlock a picture riddle piece-by-piece. Students receive printable certificates after each level to show off their work!

Progress All the Way Through Sound Reading!

Sound Reading has multiple programs for students to progress into. A student in Hop, Skip, Jump can progress into Boost, and then Remedy.

Begin the Sound Reading Foundations Suite

Once a student completes the Remedy program, they are ready to begin traditional intervention and phonics programs. Congratulations, your child has made a huge leap in their reading journey!

$189 for a Single ‘Seat’ of Sound Reading Online.

Have multiple children? Every extra ‘Seat’ is $50.

It’s that simple.


Unlimited Access to Seven Rapid Intervention Programs

ELL Accelerator Suite

Complete the Accelerator Suite and move into the Foundations Suite!

Up to $180 in Free Value

Your child can work to unlock up to 3 additional Companion Readers, based on their program level.

Work 1-on-1 to strengthen learning connections and develop a positive relationship with reading that extends outside the stress of the classroom.

Take a leap into literacy with online activities encoded with intuitive, research-backed methodology. Sound Reading’s errorless learning ensures your child develops a positive learning relationship with reading.

Build 39 essential literacy skills encompassing:

  • Auditory Processing
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Fluency/Automaticity
  • Comprehension
  • Word Reading Accuracy

Results Focused Intervention

Auto-generated reports bring you closer to your child’s learning with data driven insights.

Sound Reading is best used by readers behind their grade level. In as little as 6 weeks, your child can gain 1-2 Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Reading Online delivers empowering results through a unique approach. Read some commonly asked questions to get some questions answered.

Answer: Both a Student and their Parent(s) use a secure weblink on a computer or tablet.

Sound Reading Online is a no-download, online program. Students may login via any internet connected computer or tablet. This program is also accessible via iOS and Android Browsers.

Students access the program through a secure weblink. It is recommended that Parents bookmark this login page for their children.

Parents access the Parent Portal through the same link and access their login page by clicking the “Parent Login” button in the top right corner.

Answer: You don’t have to!

Simply purchase Sound Reading Online and your child will begin with a 3-minute Auto-Placement Assessment. This short, stress-free assessment will determine which program your child will start Sound Reading in.

Your child will be periodically assessed throughout the program. These assessments are the only times your child will be faced with a timed activity. All learning activities are timer free!

Answer: Sound Reading comes with a whole host of benefits!

  • Access to four (4) Reading Intervention Programs, work to progress into higher levels!
  • Activities are coded with Progressive Intensity and Errorless Learning keep learning positive!
  • Parent access to the Parent Portal reporting tool with three (3) weekly auto-reports.
  • A FREE Companion Reader set based on your child’s program, gain more as they progress!
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