The Science

Reading is a special type of listening process, about 98% auditory and 2% visual. When we read, our eyes act like a second set of ears.

Why is reading English such a chore for some, while others seem to pick it up with minimal effort?

The fact is that the majority of reading problems stem from simple auditory disconnects which prevent people from matching the correct sounds to printed words. This disconnect is at the root of every roadblock experienced when learning phonics, from mastering short vowels and consonant blends to navigating through rules and exceptions.

Unfortunately, auditory problems are widespread. Something as minor as an ear infection during the second year of life, a lack of early language exposure, or a set of genes that don’t code for a strong auditory system can result in a life-long struggle with reading. Leveled books and phonics instruction are the traditional methods for addressing this issue. But while those methods work well for improving reading fluency once auditory skills are intact, they do little to help the approximately 35% of the English speaking population who have fundamental auditory issues.

With its intense focus on letters and printed words, phonics is NOT the solution to low literacy rates. According to the National Reading Panel the solution to auditory reading problems lies within the science of auditory therapy. Focusing on the auditory solution is why Sound Reading Solutions’ proprietary auditory therapy system has had such phenomenal success in classrooms around the United States.

Sound Reading’s unique methods are grounded in speech therapy, a growing field that has been correcting auditory difficulties for decades. Not just any auditory therapy will do. The key for struggling readers is making strong connections between spoken and written words. Sound Reading uses a proprietary system called Clear Code Method™, which is the only fully research-based auditory therapy program available on the market. With over a decade of in-school field testing, this method has become a leader in speech therapy solutions. After using our program, students who had been struggling with phonics for years were able to catch up and surpass their grade level in a matter of months.

Sound Reading’s Clear Code Method™ combines auditory discrimination, sequencing and processing therapy with phonemic awareness and phoneme manipulation. On top of this solid foundation we introduce letters and meaningful words. Students will learn the complex English code in weeks without memory hogging rules and exceptions. Clear Code Method is also highly effective with older students, who need deeper phonemic awareness to decipher complex words.

Solving the auditory problems is only the first step in training an efficient reader. Without fluency, the reader still remains behind his peers. Students who read less than 80 words per minute rarely pass fourth grade standardized tests. Yet those who read faster than 100 words per minute invariably meet standards of excellence. To address this next step, Sound Reading Solutions developed the proprietary Flash Fluency™ system, which is the first practical and proven deployment of rapid, automatic naming research. Students learn to rapidly and automatically read simple and complex words, sentences, and short stories in our Small Steps Reading Therapy practice.

Our system is easy to use and the pace is driven by the user through a computer interface. Sitting down for just one 20 minute therapy interval every day will show marked results in only 6 weeks of use. The program doesn’t require a specialist to administer (although it is recommended for some special needs cases), and it is equally efficient at teaching reading to those with or without auditory disorders. Ease of use and general applicability are why we have been able to successfully distribute our product to classroom teachers, speech therapists, paraprofessionals, parents, and volunteers in urban, rural and suburban areas. Whether sitting alone in the comfort of your home, or sitting with peers in the classroom, Sound Reading is equally effective at teaching reading.

As the scientific understanding of how we learn to read grows, parents and educators must evolve their methods of teaching. Sound Reading Solutions’ scientifically based Clear Code Method™ and Flash Fluency™ are at the cutting edge of the new science of reading and represent the next stage in the evolution of reading instruction.

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