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Signs Your Child Might Be A Struggling Reader

Parents know their children. They know their strengths and their weaknesses and they know when they are struggling. If you have a child who is a developing reader or who is in grade school, you may recognize these signs that they might be a struggling reader. Read More

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Sound Reading Software Offers the Best Practices in Teaching Reading

Why do so many teachers and tutors claim to use best practices in teaching reading when they neglect the most important methods? The National Reading Panel reviewed decades of research on reading and determined that an early reader needs a solid foundation, a foundation that extends far deeper than phonics. Sound Reading builds this foundation Read More

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More Parents and Teachers are Turning to Sound Reading Software

Parents and Teachers who work together are able to create exceptional students. Even if a child is struggling in one or more academic areas, a group effort can help overcome these difficulties. And when it comes to remedial reading help, more parents and teachers are turning to Sound Reading software to help them help their Read More

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Remedial Reading Software for Teachers

Teachers who specialize in remedial reading help have many software options available. However, many of these programs are expensive and some of them don’t deliver the desired outcomes. How can you chose the right program for your students? The right reading software for teachers helps to address the main reasons for failure in reading success and Read More