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Sound Reading Software: The Holiday Gift That Lasts

The Holidays are fast approaching and parents are beginning that mad dash to find the perfect gift. Children often want gadgets, games and the latest toy all their friend are playing with, but as a parent you want to purchase a gift that is educational as well as fun. This year you may want to include Sound Reading Software under your Christmas tree. Not only will it help your son or daughter improve their reading skills for this school year, it will help them build on this progress throughout their academic career.

Struggling Readers Lack Confidence

When your child does poorly in school, they often lack in self-confidence. They may think that there is something wrong with them or that they just aren’t smart enough to get good online reading softwaregrades. You know better and you want to be able to show your child just how wonderful they really are. Reading software can help tackle common reading issues and create the essential building blocks to solve phonetic and vocabulary problems as well as dyslexia issues.

Seeing is Not the Problem

Often reading problems develop because of what a child hears instead of what he or she sees. Early readers learn to read by listening to auditory clues. They see a letter, hear how it is pronounced and then combine these individual sounds into words. However, if your son or daughter is having difficulty differentiating between long and short vowel sounds and can’t distinguish all of the sounds in consonant blends then they won’t be able to developed decoding skills.
Phonics and decoding are two essential building blocks in early reading and vocabulary development. When your student can make connections between printed and spoken words, they are able to read faster and comprehend more. This will help not only early readers but also older children and teenagers master reading and comprehension skills necessary in understanding their studies in all subjects. They will also be able to communicate their understanding of the subject matter better with a more expansive vocabulary and better writing skills.

Building Blocks to Successreading software

As your child begins to see improvement in the program, they will become more confident and secure. In as little as six weeks, you and your child can see concrete results and a vast improvement in their reading skills. Sound Reading Software increases with difficulty as your child masters certain skills so that this improvement will continue beyond their current grade level.
Help your child by buying them a gift that will make them a better reader, a terrific student and a confident lifelong learner. By purchasing Sound Reading Software you are not only offering access to remedial reading help, you are also showing them that you have faith in them. With the free online reading assessment, you will be able to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine which reading program is best for your son or daughter. Or you can contact us today and we can help you buy the best holiday gift your child will ever receive.

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