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Solving Reading Dyslexia Issues with Sound Reading Software

Sound Reading Solutions knows that children who suffer from Dyslexia have issues with vocabulary, reading, and phonics. Depending on the severity of the condition, a student diagnosed with Dyslexia may also have trouble expressing themselves, following directions and mastering complex language skills. Nevertheless, with the right type of instruction your child can become a good writer, reader and excellent student. This is the solution Sound Reading offers with its reading software

Children Who Suffer from Dyslexia

Reading Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that influences mathematical and reading skills. Children diagnosed with this disorder often suffer from self-image problems and don’t reading dyslexia softwareperform well in school. In order to break this cycle the child, the parent and teachers need to work together to change the student’s learning patterns. Once the child is able to embrace the method that helps them and they see progress their image and performance issues will change.

Diagnosing Dyslexia at a Young Age

The National Center for Learning Disabilities states children who are diagnosed with Dyslexia at a young age benefit the most from treatment and learning therapy. Signs that your child may have Dyslexia include:

  • Blending sounds into speech
  • Correct pronunciation of words
  • Difficulty learning word sequences
  • Difficulty mastering spelling and grammar rules
  • Rely on memorization and have difficulty learning new skills
  • Following directions
  • Trouble with math skills because they reverse numbers
  • Issues with reading

Dyslexia Help Software

Because Dyslexia centers on written skills and transferring what they see to speech, oral learning has proven to be successful in young and school age children. Reading software focuses on the oral reading, recognition and comprehension skills necessary to become good readers and students. Sound Reading Solutions was developed by a person diagnosed with Dyslexia and uses proven activities that strengthen oral and written comprehension.

Fun with Learning

Children learn best when they are able to participate in games and fun activities where learning is secondary. Sound Reading software has several fun activities children play in order to help grasp basic concepts. They are rewarded with badges as they master certain skills. The ability to see improvement encourages reluctant students to stick with the program and recognize success.

The lessons are self-directed and can be completed within 20 minutes. This helps maintain interest and keeps children for becoming bored or resenting the training. When they are interested, they learn more and when they learn more they gain self-confidence.

Dyslexia confuses the brain by rearranging the order of letters and numbers. By changing the way the brain reads, students can master the concepts shown by natural readers. Students improve accuracy, comprehension and automaticity so that they can become advanced readers and better listeners.

With consistency, persistency and the proper approach, child with reading and listening disabilities can master auditory skills, phonemic awareness and accuracy. If your child has been struggling with the foundational language skills due to Dyslexia Sound Reading Solutions reading software can help. Our free reading assessment will help identify problem areas and we can discuss how our reading software can benefit your child.


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