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Signs Your Child Might Be A Struggling Reader

Parents know their children. They know their strengths and their weaknesses and they know when they are struggling. If you have a child who is a developing reader or who is in grade school, you may recognize these signs that they might be a struggling reader.


Doesn’t Like to Rhyme

Toddlers and preschoolers often love to make up silly rhymes or make you sing nursery rhymes to them until you lose your voice. Rhyming helps online reading softwarechildren to learn how to differentiate words that sound similar and is an important step in the early reading process.

Sound Reading Solutions knows that if your child doesn’t like rhyming or word games it may be due to the fact that they can’t recognize certain words if they sound alike. This is a warning sign that your child may struggle with reading.

Has Trouble Remembering Words

First graders should be able to recognize 100 words by the time they complete first grade. But even before they enter kindergarten, they should be able to learn and remember simple sounds and words. If your child has problems remembering words this may be an indication they will have trouble learning to read.

Mispronouncing Words

It isn’t uncommon for children to mispronounce certain words, but if you notice that your child is doing this frequently, it may indicate other learning problems. It can be that they aren’t hearing the distinction between certain syllables or they can’t blend words properly.

Doesn’t Want to Read

Does your child balk when you ask him to read? If your son or daughter is having difficulty learning to read then they may think it is too hard and refuse to engage in the activity. If your child likes having you read to them but refuses to read to you then don’t force it. Instead, you will want to find out why they don’t like reading aloud and work with them to resolve the problem.

Has Difficulty Reading Aloud

If your child does agree to read to you, listen to how they read the words on the page. Does your child skip over words, mispronounce words or replacehsj-noshadow some words with others? Do they notice the error and go back to correct it or does she keep going unaware there is a problem?
While your child may make some mistakes as they learn to read it is the frequency of the errors that can indicate a problem.

As a parent, you may be the first one to recognize the signs that your child is struggling as a reader. If you think there may be something wrong, don’t ignore your doubts. Speak to your family physician to determine if there are tests they can perform to detect a learning disability.

If your child is in school, then talk to their teacher. Ask if they have noticed any signs that your child is having difficulty in school with reading or other subjects. You and your child’s teacher can work together to get your child remedial reading help. You can purchase reading software to use at home to help your child develop the skills they need to understand the basic concepts of reading. Programs such as Sound Reading Software have proven to be able to help emerging or developing readers to become successful in learning to read.

Don’t let your child continue to struggle because you think you are being overprotective or the problem will go away on its own. Learn how to recognize the signs that your child is having difficulty learning to read and get them the help they need. The Sound Reading free reading assessment tool is a good place to start.

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