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This Year, Resolve to Help Your Child With Sound Reading Software

January is the time for resolutions. People vow to lose weight, exercise more or spend less money at Starbucks. Resolutions can also include helping your children become better students and excel at learning. If your child needs remedial reading help, resolve to help them with Sound Reading Software.

Foundation for Academic Success

If your son or daughter is having issues with reading, this issue will extend far beyond the ability to read Charles Dickens or JK Rowling. She will have trouble understanding textbooks, writing papers and communicating her thoughts on paper. Poor reading skills will make it difficult for your child to succeed in her academic and professional life.

Boosting Essential Skills

While reading skills are taught in Kindergarten, these skills are expanded upon throughout grade school. Therefore, if your student is in first or second grade, it isn’t too late to shore up essential abilities with reading software.

Sound Reading Software’s Boost Program was designed for children in first and second grade struggling with reading basics. The goal of the Boost Program is to help make reading more meaningful. By enhancing comprehension, children are able to understand what they read and draw

sound reading software for struggling students

comparisons with other stories or lessons they have learned.

The activities are engaging, making learning fun for the child and easier on the parents. In addition, with the ability to monitor their progress, parents can see how the improvement their child is making.

Skills that the Sound Reading Software Boost Program teaches include:

  • Whole word contrasts
  • One sound spelling
  • Voiced and unvoiced sounds
  • Vowels and mouth movement
  • Word error detection
  • Active sentence reasoning
  • Sentences from fragments

These skills will allow your child to absorb the complexities of fundamental reading skills so that they will be able to gain the confidence they need for conquering decoding and awareness in later grades.

Remedial Reading Support

For students in grades three and beyond who are having trouble reading, it is imperative that they learn age appropriate reading and decoding skills. Sound Reading Software’s Remedial Program will help children not only catchup with their classmates, they will also learn above average reading skills to become better students and learners in the future.

The skills taught in the Remedial Program include:

  • Comparing meaning
  • Word and picture contrasts
  • Word fluency
  • Fact of feeling
  • Concept formation
  • Syllable construction

Parents who purchase Sound Reading Software to assist their children discover that within three months their son or daughter’s reading skills have advanced two and sometimes even three grade levels. By using the Free Online Reading Assessment, parents can discover which reading program is best for their child. As they begin working with the reading software, students can see their progress as they interact with the various activities. Parents can also see success by reviewing the progress monitoring offered by the software.

Experience the joy of success with your child by purchasing the Sound Reading Boost or Remedial programs. This will be one New Year’s Resolution that you will be glad you kept.

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