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    ELL/ESL Reading Programs

    For English Language Learners

    ELL/ESL English Reading Help for Foreign Language Speaking Students

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    Learning to speak the English language is much more complicated than understanding how to read it. Often schools focus on teaching students to speak and read English using outdated methods. Sound Reading’s ELL programs use a unique approach that focuses on developing auditory processing skills, an essential skill needed for all ELL/ESL students. With Sound Reading’s ELL Programs you will begin reading English today.

    Sound Reading’s innovative software and groundbreaking reading practice is the simplest way to read English. For ten years Sound Reading has been the leader in research-based reading methods. Now Sound Reading brings this powerful science to help foreign language-speaking students master English – the world’s most difficult language to read.

    Reading is the key to academic success. Only Sound Reading tackles the sound and word patterns that make English so difficult to read – without tedious memorization or drills. Sound Reading Accelerator will teach students to read English in the manner that native speakers learn — SOUND – MATCH – READ

    The ELL Online Programs provide the skills and strategies students need to become independent readers. The Programs include over 200 brief, highly educational engaging activities. It includes embedded assessments every four levels, which helps track student progress.

    Sound Reading Reaches Students in the United States, Mexico and Countries Across the World

    Sound Reading works closely with JkGlobal Connections™ , a company that promotes global literacy and professional development,  to ensure that students in Mexico are getting the support they need. Studies show that ELL/ESL students that have used Sound Reading made significant improvements in their reading abilities.  To get a better understanding of what our program offers click: Sound Reading in Action.