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More Parents and Teachers are Turning to Sound Reading Software

Parents and Teachers who work together are able to create exceptional students. Even if a child is struggling in one or more academic areas, a group effort can help overcome these difficulties. And when it comes to remedial reading help, more parents and teachers are turning to Sound Reading software to help them help their children.

What Sound Reading Offers

Sound Reading software offers a web-based remedial reading program that uses speech therapy to develop auditory processing skills. The activities and fluency exercises offered by the program make learning exciting and fun, while the progress monitoring ability allows teachers to see how students are doing without excessive testing.

Why Sound Reading Software

There are many different reading software available for schools and parents. So, why are so many turning to Sound Reading, because its uremedial reading software nique approach to teaching comprehension and fluency has proven successful over other remedial reading programs.
Reading skills are based mostly on auditory processing and with 35% of English speakers having auditory issues; this leaves many adults and children struggling with basic reading fundamentals. The unique strategy used in Sound Reading online software is based on the Clear Code Method and Flash Fluency system. These proprietary methods use speech therapy and a natural reading process to help students without forcing them to memorize the myriad rules of phonics based learning.

In addition, this process has been proven to work in the ten years of field-testing in classrooms across America. On average, students who use the reading software will improve two or three grade levels within the first three months. That is a 78-percentile jump in fluency and a 50-percentile jump in comprehension.

How It Works

The reading software for teachers offers five reading levels from pre-reader to advanced support. Once the teacher understands a student’s reading level, either through the Online Reading Assessment or their own assessment tests, the teacher can place the student in one of the five levels. The activities and exercises for each level are already set up to help teach the necessary skills. The teachers can then monitor the student’s progress and assess their level of success.

Software for Home Use Available

Parents can purchase the reading software for use at home as well. Each program is available for individual purchase, so parents buy only the software their son or daughter needs. The activities, exercises and monitoring are the same whether used in a home or academic setting.dyslexia reading software

Nothing encourages the continuation of a program then success. With Sound Reading software, students, teachers and parents can see success almost immediately. This success encourages students to continue with the program and for teachers to use it to help more of their remedial reading students.

This breakthrough approach to learning has helped many students to become more confident, secure and improved their self-esteem. Remedial reading help is more than just teaching someone how to break down words or comprehend the passage they read. When a person learns to read they understand that they have the potential to succeed in school and in life. That is why more parents and teachers are turning to Sound Reading software for remedial reading help.

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