Literacy Kit

Parent/Family Engagement
Literacy Tutorial Kit

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What is the Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit?

The kit is an engagement focused reading tutoring program with 3 key research based activities; a spoken word game, a written word game and two Reader activities that you will use to help your child/student understand letter sounds, to read fluently and with comprehension.

Some schools purchase the kit for families, all others need to purchase the kit directly from us.

Literacy Kit

Watch Sound Reading founder, Bruce Howlett, describe the methodology used in the two games that we use to boost learning engagement in Sound Reading.

How much can I expect to use the Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit?

You will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour each week using the materials in the kit. You can spend as little as 15 minutes in one sitting, allowing flexibility for those with little time. At the end of the 15 weeks, your student will be able to read at a second grade level.

Prior to starting with your child/student you will complete our online video-based training designed to teach you how to use the materials in the kit.  Training takes about 25 minutes.  You can return to the training page anytime for a refresher on any aspect of the kit.

Why is the Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit important for students, families, and teachers?

The Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit engages students beyond the classroom and strengthens their learning through research-based activities and books. Most importantly, when a trusted person works with them and encourages them, they not only learn to value reading but feel valued in return.

Proven success…
School Districts across the
USA and Canada
While used in the Largest Volunteer Reading Program in the USA

The Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit includes:

  • A Spoken Word Game
  • A Written Word Game
  • Two Companion Reader books
  • A Parent Family Guide
  • A 15-week syllabus outlining the work done in this Tutorial Kit
  • Login Information for Online Training
Want to try out Sound Reading?

Sound Reading Solutions offers web-based foundational reading programs for a variety of reading abilities. It is an excellent companion to this kit. Check first to see if they already have access to the program at school.  If so, they can use their school account at home as well.

When they use the online sound-based program, they work independently at their own pace.  You can purchase the software from our online store here.

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