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English Reading Support for English Language Learners in Mexico

JK Global Connections, a private bilingual school in Mexico began a pilot program with students in K-3 using the Sound Reading software in 2011. The success of the pilot program soon expanded to all primary students in K-8 in 2012.
Students practiced how to discriminate words and sounds of English, while building their vocabulary, oral language and comprehension skills.
The teachers at Yits’Atil soon noticed the students’ improvements in their independent work completed outside of the Sound Reading classroom.


  • Students are motivated and enjoy learning how to read and spell in English.
  • Activities improved brain processing efficiency so that individual phonemes within words can be more easily differentiated.
  • Sound Reading provided direct teaching of English phonemic awareness, decoding and fluency.

Program Information

Program:English Reading Support Services – Yits’Atil Instituto Educativo
Location:Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Reading Specialist:Joy Koller of JkGlobal Connections
Students Impacted:300 Native Spanish Speakers, ages 5 – 13 (grades K- 8th)
JK Global Connections

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