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Great Adventures Through Books are Only a Hop Skip and Jump Away

Early reading skills are essential for becoming a great student and lifelong learner. Children who read fluently are able to fin great adventures that unlock the imagination and enhance the creative mind. However, when your child has ADHD or Dyslexia, learning to read can be a struggle. Get your child off to the right start with Sound Reading’s Hop Skip and Jump reading software.

First Steps

Reading is not learned all at once. It takes several baby steps to take the giant leap from understand words to understanding The Little Red Hen. It sound reading softwarebegins with understanding letters and sounds and then progressing to words, sentences and finally stories.

These first steps are auditory, not visual. Your child has to hear what the vowel “a” sounds like before they can recognize it on a page. If your child has auditory processing issues, these first steps will be difficult for them to take. And without these steps, the other stages of reading will be difficult for him to master.

Your Child Isn’t Alone

Don’t be worried if your son or daughter is showing the signs of auditory processing issues that can lead to difficulties with reading. Over 35% of all English speakers have some form of auditory issues, including ADHD and Dyslexia. That is why Sound Reading software is based on speech therapy methods to help develop auditory processing skills. Once these skills are mastered, the first steps to learning to read fluently and comprehend what is read can be learned.

Hop Skip and Jump Software

Sound Reading’s Hop, Skip and Jump reading software helps emerging readers take the necessary steps to understand reading. The CD or online hop skip and jump reading softwareversions of the software have twenty different reading formats to help teach important skills, including:

  • Sound counting
  • Auditory discrimination and processing
  • Rhyming
  • Blending
  • Word length
  • Syllable construction
  • Word fluency

The activities that teach these skills are engaging for the children. They won’t have to memorize the rules of phonetics, instead they will learn through a natural reading process that makes reading fun and appealing.

In addition, parents will be able to see the progress their son or daughter makes while using the reading software. With the Flash Fluency System, your child will develop skills that will allow them to excel at reading comprehension as they progress through school.

Success is created with a solid foundation. The fact that your child has ADHD, Dyslexia or other auditory processing disorder doesn’t mean they are forced to struggle in Kindergarten and throughout their academic career. With Sound Reading software, children can learn the auditory processing skills that come naturally to their peers. This will allow them to absorb the reading skills taught in school at the same pace as their classmates. By purchasing the reading software for your son or daughter, they will find that great reading adventures are only a Hop, Skip and Jump away.

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