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Sound Reading focuses on these essential skills as the building blocks of any proficient reader:

  • Decoding words
  • Fluency Reading
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Improved reading comprehension and critical thinking skills

Sound Reading’s ‘brain-friendly’ teaching methods include:

  • Reduced Error Learning
  • Distributed Instruction
  • Overlearning/Automaticity
  • Auditory Interaction
  • Independent Instructional Level
  • Sound Reading’s Clear Code Method

The Keys to Sound Reading Online’s Success:

Grade Levels
Teaches Phonemic
Works Fast
(2-3 months)
Dramatic Results
(Improve 1-2
grade levels)
Creates a Solid
Reading Foundation
Reading Therapy

How It Works

Speech and Language Pathology research has shown that reading is 98% auditory and 2% visual. To be a successful reader, you need to be able to “hear” the words before you can read them. That’s why our proprietary phonics system works so well for early readers.

Recognizing that 35% of English speakers have fundamental auditory issues, we developed a program that caters to the root cause of reading difficulties − auditory issues. Sound Reading is an interactive tool that motivates students to develop auditory skills needed to become a successful reader. The activities included in the program are engaging and easily accessible— they teach the learner how to develop auditory processing in the brain which leads to better phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency and reading comprehension. Our software develops students’ auditory skills while tackling issues in fluency and comprehension. Sound Reading utilizes the natural process of reading, unlike phonics programs that force students to memorize rules. Students in our program typically increase 2 − 3 reading grade levels within 2−3 months.

Sound Reading Online works — And we can prove it! With our money-back guarantee you’re success is right a click away. Experience the joy of watching your young reader jump a grade level in just 10 weeks of our program!

The Risk of Falling Behind
Has Never Been Greater

With remote learning in full effect due to the current COVID pandemic,
many students will struggle even more without access to hands-on teaching.

Sound Reading’s unique learning tools are the most effective way to help prevent falling behind in reading. Get started on your own success story today.

1 in 6

children in America do not have the necessary equipment or home environment to do online learning. (8.6 million)

“The staff all noted significant growth with each student and willingness to engage in ways that were immeasurable but…priceless.”

Mimi Williams,M.Ed,
CCC/SLP Curriculum Facilitator,
Fairview Elementary

NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) states that in 2019, only


of 4th grade students were at reading grade level

Students who are doing remote learning will likely return to school with only


of the gains made
in in-person class.



of schools around the country offered live instruction to their students.

“Students are engaged and feel a sense of accomplishment using the Sound Reading program.”

6th grade Teacher,
Carter G Woodson Middle School

It’s crucial that parents get involved in their child’s learning and support them while they learn at their own pace.

Sound Reading Online teaches phonemic awareness and phonics to struggling readers in a way that produces strong results in a short amount of time, while not having the added pressure of a traditional classroom setting.

“I have two of my class students in the program. They love to work more when they come back to the classroom.”

South Bronx Elementary School

How Sound Reading Stacks Up

Sound ReadingReading HorizonsHooked On PhonicsLexiaiReady: Phonics for Reading
Available-at-Home Cloud-Based Software
Targets Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
Provides Individualized Support and Instruction
Offers online Parent Reports to show your child’s progress
Acts as an intervention program for struggling readers
Instruction is done primarily through engaging activities, making reading enjoyable
Multiple Levels within Programs for your child to graduate
Diagnostic Reports on your child’s strengths and weaknesses
Adaptive Learning
Wallet Friendly Monthly License Options

What to Expect from Sound Reading?

Sound Reading Online provides students an engaging, fun way to practice reading daily and improve their reading and comprehension skills. Sound Reading Online also provides parents a tried and tested reading intervention program for their struggling reader that works, quickly and effectively.

In order to see typical results, here’s how to approach the program:

Students should dedicate around 30-45 minutes a day to either reading or using Sound Reading.

We recommend using Sound Reading Online for 20-30
minutes 5 times a week
, and read on the off-days.

Students realistically should work on the program until they
get tired, which may vary between student.

Some activities will be more challenging for certain students,
while others may find the opposite.

Students who use Sound Reading tools as suggested achieved marked results, improving by at least 1-2 grade reading levels upon completion with 2-3 months of use.

There is a strong relationship between students who spend at least 30 minutes a day on the program and achieving strong improvements.

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