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Sound Reading has an Intervention for any Struggling Reader

Our solution to reading difficulties is grounded in speech therapy and develops auditory processing and phonemic awareness skills. Our software develops students’ auditory skills while tackling issues in fluency and comprehension. Sound Reading utilizes the natural process of reading, unlike phonics programs that force students to memorize rules. Students in our program typically increase 2 − 3 reading grade levels within 2−3 months.

Pre-Readers and Early Readers

Sound Reading’s Hop, Skip & Jump program teaches fundamental reading skills needed for beginner readers. The program focuses on developing the child’s ability to hear and process sounds in the brain first (auditory processing) and then teaches them how to match the sounds to letters.

Remedial Students

Boost and Remedy programs are used as remedial programs to help individuals that are falling below grade level in reading. These programs help individuals by reinforcing essential reading skills needed to become a successful reader. The reading program focuses on auditory processing, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency and reading comprehension. Sound Reading programs upon completion has proven to show 1-2 grade level improvement in reading skills.

Launch Pad is a reading therapy program for the older student who has fallen far behind.  Because many people struggle with the ability to process auditory and phonemic information, they need to retrain this part of the brain in order to learn to read. This program may be a students last chance to get back on track and become a competent reader.  No student should be left behind.

Students with Dyslexia or Special Needs

Sound Reading was designed by an individual with Dyslexia. This program was uniquely developed to cater to the needs of individuals with Dyslexia and other special needs. Our programs focus on developing auditory processing skills an essential skill that is often missing in struggling readers. Individuals that often struggle with other reading programs have proven to have great success using Sound Reading.

ESL / ELL Students

Sound Reading helps beginning English speakers learn the basics and fundamentals of the English language. These programs help ESL/ELL students understand how to construct sounds, words and sentences in the English language. Upon completion of this program students will become fluent in English.

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