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Sound Reading Online

A New Approach to Literacy for Emergent Readers Facing Persistent Reading Challenges

Far too often, traditional reading programs focus on memorizing the rules of the English language. The reality is, there are students who do not respond to this instruction.

Sound Reading Online delivers impactful online, literacy intervention to any student facing persistent reading challenges. Sound Reading’s methodology aims to develop Phonemic Awareness and Auditory Processing skills, two key skills in becoming a full reader!

How Does Sound Reading Work?

Sound Reading Online is based on print-to-speech processing and elevates a student’s reading ability by rapidly developing Phonemic Awareness and Auditory Processing skills. Sound Reading is not a phonics program. Sound Reading develops the skills necessary to complete phonics programs. Our unique methodology strengthens the innate skills all readers have!

Phonemic Awareness is an auditory and oral process. An example of a Phonemic Awareness skill is to correctly identify every sound in the word in ‘kite’.

The answer: /k/ /i/ /te/.

Auditory Processing refers to how the brain perceives and interprets sound information. Many reading disorders stem from Auditory Processing challenges.

Sound Reading heavily relies on audio cues to develop the Auditory Process.

5 Key Features that Drives Sound Reading’s Instruction

  • Errorless Learning keeps learning positive! No frustration required!
  • Students Make Strong Learning Connections Through Independent Discoveries!
  • Progressive Intensity challenges your child over the course of each program!
  • Companion Readers Reinforce Learning Outcomes through 1-on-1 activities!
  • Uses Your Child’s Natural Auditory Process to strengthen key literacy skills!
  • Develop 39 Essential Skills of Literacy each with their own unique activity

What is Sound Reading Online? [Overview]

Students struggling to memorize the many rules of the English language have a new road to literacy. Sound Reading uses engaging, intuitive reading activities to rapidly increase students’ reading ability.

Sound Reading Online is an all-in-one intervention solution for emergent and pre-emergent readers who:

  • Do not respond to traditional phonics programs
  • Need fast-acting intervention
  • Face persistent reading challenges.
Students work to complete riddles through their activities!

Student Instruction

In order to deliver individualized instruction, Sound Reading Online is a single solution, divided into four (4) distinct programs. That means your student can progress through multiple programs over the course of Sound Reading. Read about them below!

Hop, Skip, Jump is the first program in Sound Reading’s Foundation Suite, and is meant for Pre-Emergent Readers. It provides an introduction to essential building blocks of literacy such as Phonemic Awareness and Auditory Processing.

It includes animated characters and engaging themes for pre-emergent readers. A key focus is Errorless Learning, making sure students have a positive learning environment.

Launch Pad follows the same skill level and methodology as Hop, Skip, Jump but is designed to be more appropriate for older students. Some themes within activities are changed. It’s important that students in Launch Pad begin working immediately so they can begin improving!

Launch Pad is only assigned in unique circumstances with older students.

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Auto-Placement Assessment

Your child will begin a 3-minute reading assessment. This initial assessment, and period assessment after some levels, are the only times your child will be faced with time pressure. We understand how important learning in a supportive environment is to emergent readers. Your child’s score on the Auto-Placement Assessment will determine their initial program in Sound Reading.

While the Auto-Placement Assessment takes away the stress of having to calculate what program your child should be in, you will always have the option to manually choose your child’s program.

Engaging Instruction, Empowering Results

Sound Reading’s activities are grounded in audio cues. Students work to complete online activities, then reinforce their learning with included Companion Readers. Sound Reading comes with 39 types of activities that use progressive intensity to consistently challenge your child.

Sound Reading treats reading disorders through rapid intervention, using innate skills that all students have. This program effectively compliments school instruction and is perfect for students falling behind their peers!

Parent Monitoring

Keeping You Informed in Your Child’s Literacy

The Parent Portal is a reporting and record-keeping tool used to gain insight into your child’s progress. Included in this portal are Companion Readers, Tip’s on How to Best Use the Program, Parents are given weekly progress reports on how many activities their child completes and reports specific to the skills they need to improve on.

Reporting Features

Within the Parent Portal, Sound Reading delivers three (3) reports to monitor their students progress. Weekly Report Cards are sent to you every week. Gain information on the specific skills that your child is working to improve The reports Parents have access to are listed below:

  • Usage Report: Detailing the student’s time on the program over the course of the week and provides clear indications on what skills their time went into.
  • Assessment Results: A part of the Weekly Report Cards these report tracks and gives a percentile ranking for your child based on their scores within the 3-minute reading assessments within the program.
  • Strength Report: This impactful report delivers clear indications to which of the nine (9) key reading skills your child successful at, and those that they need more practice at.

Companion Readers

Sound Reading comes included with access to a Reader set based on what program your child was placed into. These are additional reading passages that are designed to call upon the skills and knowledge your child develops within the program.

Working 1-on-1 with a Parent, or Guardian, to work on these passages and develop those extra skills is a critical step in Sound Reading’s instruction. Read below to understand the three (3) steps of Sound Reading’s instruction.

An Example of a Usage Report
Sound Reading’s Launch Pad and Boost Readers

Sound Reading Instruction in 3 Steps

Through online instruction, your child works individually to complete levels of interactive activities. These activities develop skills essential to improving your child’s reading. The skills that are developed in this instruction are reinforced via 1-on-1 reading practice with you.

Students should expect to use Sound Reading, or some form of reading exercise, for 20-30 minutes at least five (5) times a week. Repetition and progressive intensity are key points of the program. As your child progresses, they will be exposed to more challenging exercises. This is done to build strong, impactful literacy skills.

Assign a Daily Goal for Your Child

Assign a goal for your child to work for 30 minutes, or to complete 10 activities, or work until they get tired.

Individual Work Time

Your student should work for 20-30 minutes, or until they get fatigued. This program is supposed to be fun! Keep an eye on them as they complete their goal.

Reinforce with Readers

Once students complete a level, you’ll work 1-on-1 with your child to complete an activity chapter out of an included Reader. Your child will improve before your eyes!


One Seat Costs $189 – Add Each Additional Seat for $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Reading Online delivers empowering results through a unique approach. Read some commonly asked questions to get some questions answered.

Answer: You don’t have to!

Simply purchase Sound Reading Online and your child will begin with a 3-minute Auto-Placement Assessment. This short, stress-free assessment will determine which program your child will start Sound Reading in.

Your child will be periodically assessed throughout the program. These assessments are the only times your child will be faced with a timed activity. All learning activities are timer free!

Answer: Sound Reading comes with a whole host of benefits!

  • Access to four (4) Reading Intervention Programs, work to progress into higher levels!
  • Activities are coded with Progressive Intensity and Errorless Learning keep learning positive!
  • Parent access to the Parent Portal reporting tool with three (3) weekly auto-reports.
  • A FREE Companion Reader set based on your child’s program, gain more as they progress!

Answer: Both a Student and their Parents use a secure weblink. You will never download software.

Sound Reading Online is a no-download, online program. Students may login via any internet connected computer. This program is also accessible via iOS and Android Browsers.

Students access the program through a secure weblink. It is recommended that Parents bookmark this login page for their children.

Parents access the Parent Portal through the same link and access their login page by clicking the “Parent Login” button in the top right corner.

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