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    Case Studies

    Rapid Results for All Age Groups

    For over a decade, Sound Reading has been working with teachers across the nation to provide the most effective and efficient reading instruction. Here are a few of our case study results.

    Kindergarten & Elementary

    Fairview Elementary School, NC

    Fairview Elementary used Sound Reading with 5 of their 6 kindergarten classes. As a result, their students improved their reading ability dramatically. At the start of the year less than 5% of students were reading at grade level. By the end of the program over 90% of students were reading at grade level.

    “The staff and tutors all noted significant growth with each student in terms of attitude toward the reading process and willingness to engage.”
    Mimi Williams, M.Ed – Curriculum Facilitator, Fairview Elementary

    Newfield Elementary, NY

    Eighty-seven students at Newfield Elementary School took part in a six month, whole class, Sound Reading Improvement and Intervention. Teachers were concerned about their students’ low test scores and poor decoding and fluency.

    The results were extremely positive, not only did students show progress just after the intervention; they continued to show improvement when tested two years later.

    Middle School

    Carter G. Woodson Middle School, VA

    Five classrooms at Carter G. Woodson Middle School used the Sound Reading software and saw dramatic improvements. Teachers used the program as a supplement to their existing reading programs and the students adapted to the program quickly, mastering basic reading skills as early as five weeks after beginning the program. Sound Reading proved to work effectively in both small and large classrooms. Teachers were thrilled with how easy it was to teach.

    Savannah High, Savannah, GA

    Over the course of a month long pilot, 5 students (one 6th grader and four 8th graders) at Savannah High, GA made remarkable growth in reading comprehension with the Sound Reading software. All students showed improvement in a timed reading comprehension test. When one of the students who participated in the pilot was asked by her teacher to describe what she thought about Sound Reading in one word, her response was “Great!”

    ELL / ESL

    Sound Reading has proven to help ELL/ESL students become proficient in the English language. Our program helps individuals go from limited English ability to reading English passages within a few months. To learn more about our success with ELL/ESL students click here.

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