A Fast-Acting Online Reading Solution for Your Most Struggling Students

Sound Reading offers foundational web-based remedial reading program. Our solution to reading difficulties is grounded in developing auditory processing skills. Sound Reading has been success tested in schools across the country with outstanding results. Sound Reading is a fast-acting solution for AIS students, Special Education student, Multilingual Learners, and any students requiring complex reading solutions.

Through progress monitoring, software activities and fluency exercises. Sound Reading programs not only reinforce essential reading skills, but also help guide students to develop a positive relationship with reading.

Students Improve 2-3 grade levels in 2-3 months!

We offer reading programs for…

AIS Learners
Special Education Students
Multilingual Learners
Students Requiring Complex Reading Solutions

Sound Reading: Made by Educators, for Educators

Sound Reading Solutions was developed by a Cornell University speech and language pathologist to be a fast-acting remedial reading program. Our monitoring features allows teacher’s to assign tasks and then follow along in the teacher’s portal. The program’s adaptive reports give specific areas where students need improvement.

Perfect for remote or in-school learning, Sound Reading Solution offers flexibility for educators to get their students to grade level.

What does a typical session of
Sound Reading look like?

1. Educator Training and Getting to Know Sound Reading
Educators receive webinar training on how to use Sound Reading to your student’s fullest potential.
2. Assigning Sound Reading to Students or the Class
Educators begin by assigning a 30-minute block of using Sound Reading. Activities can be assigned to individuals or groups.
3. Students Work while Educators Monitor
Students then work through the activities at their own pace. Independence is a key factor in developing strong, long-lasting reading skills.
4. Educators are Able to Address each Student’s Specific Challenges
Educators are able to monitor their student’s progress through the program’s Teacher Portal. The Portal identifies each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
5. Consistently Reinforcing Skills with the Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit
Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit is a take-home kit that helps students reinforce the skills they’ve developed while using Sound Reading and engages their reading ability beyond the classroom.

Sound Reading’s Literacy Kit Bundle Pack

Sound Reading Solutions wants to end this stigma around reading challenges. Students should never feel threatened by reading. Long-lasting skills are developed through consistent practice and a positive, engaging learning environment.

Sound Reading’s Parent/Family Literacy Tutorial Kit is an engaging, activity focused reading activity kit.

Methodology and Research

 Sound Reading’s methodology was developed through years of research through language and speech pathology. The methodology of Sound Reading was developed in through success-tested classrooms. 

Check out our Common Core Standards to see how our reading program prioritizes measurable results and evidence-based learning.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Sound Reading has been success-tested in schools across the United States and has changed the lives of countless readers.

Click the link below to see how much of an impact Sound Reading has made in the lives of its students.

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