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Tutor Kit

What is the Costco Tutor  Kit?

The kit is an engagement focused reading tutoring program with 3 key research based activities; a spoken word game, a written word game and two Reader activities that you will use to help your child/student understand letter sounds, to read fluently and with comprehension.

Literacy Kit

Watch Sound Reading founder, Bruce Howlett, describe the methodology used in the two games that we use to boost learning engagement in Sound Reading.

How much time does it take to be a Costco Tutor?

You will spend 45 minutes each week using the materials in the kit.  Typically, 12 minutes on each of the games and 20 minutes using the Readers. The goal is to engage a student in fun activities that help improve their reading.

Prior to tutoring a student, you will complete our online, video-based training designed to teach you how to use the materials in the kit.  Training takes about 30 minutes.  You can return to the training page anytime for a refresher on any aspect of the kit.

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