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Sound Reading Software Offers the Best Practices in Teaching Reading

Why do so many teachers and tutors claim to use best practices in teaching reading when they neglect the most important methods? The National Reading Panel reviewed decades of research on reading and determined that an early reader needs a solid foundation, a foundation that extends far deeper than phonics. Sound Reading builds this foundation Read More

sound reading software

Great Adventures Through Books are Only a Hop Skip and Jump Away

Early reading skills are essential for becoming a great student and lifelong learner. Children who read fluently are able to fin great adventures that unlock the imagination and enhance the creative mind. However, when your child has ADHD or Dyslexia, learning to read can be a struggle. Get your child off to the right start Read More

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More Parents and Teachers are Turning to Sound Reading Software

Parents and Teachers who work together are able to create exceptional students. Even if a child is struggling in one or more academic areas, a group effort can help overcome these difficulties. And when it comes to remedial reading help, more parents and teachers are turning to Sound Reading software to help them help their Read More

sound reading software

This Year, Resolve to Help Your Child With Sound Reading Software

January is the time for resolutions. People vow to lose weight, exercise more or spend less money at Starbucks. Resolutions can also include helping your children become better students and excel at learning. If your child needs remedial reading help, resolve to help them with Sound Reading Software. Read More