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reading dyslexia software

Solving Reading Dyslexia Issues with Sound Reading Software

Sound Reading Solutions knows that children who suffer from Dyslexia have issues with vocabulary, reading, and phonics. Depending on the severity of the condition, a student diagnosed with Dyslexia may also have trouble expressing themselves, following directions and mastering complex language skills. Nevertheless, with the right type of instruction your child can become a good Read More

Sound Reading Solutions for Auditory Processing Disorders in Children

Each child learns at his own pace, but some have more difficulty than others comprehending what they are reading. Sometimes even with tutoring and support a student doesn’t seem to be able to master the basic skills of reading, comprehension and spelling. The issue often isn’t that the child is unwilling to learn, it is Read More

Best Practices in Reading and Reading Comprehension Practice

Why do so many teachers and tutors claim to use best practices in reading instruction when they neglect the most important methods? The National Reading Panel reviewed decades of research on reading and determined that struggling readers need a solid foundation, a foundation that extends far deeper than phonics. Sound Reading software builds this foundation Read More